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The Joelton Youth Ministry is for those in the 7-12th grades.

  • Our mission for the Joelton Youth Ministry (JYM) is: to make disciples who can make disciples.

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Upcoming Events:

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Regular Class/Event Times:

  • Sunday Morning class: 9-10am every week

  • Wednesday Night class: 7-8pm every week
  • Bordeaux: The 3rd Sunday morning of each month from 8:00-10:30am (a few of the teenagers will go to Bordeaux, while the
    rest of the teenagers go to class at 9:00)
  • Young men & Young women’s training classes: Each Wednesday night that follows a Bordeaux Sunday (7-8pm)
  • Teen/Area-wide Devos: Typically the 3rd Sunday night of each month from 5:00-7:30pm (August-May)

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  • Sherrill’s Farm:
    • When: October 20th (4:30-8:00pm)
    • For: Joelton Youth Ministry (current 7-12th graders + adult chaperones)
    • Details:
  • This is a fun opportunity for the teens to hang out with each other. We will eat dinner, play games, enjoy a hayride, have a bonfire (with s’mores), and have a devo together!
    • The Sherrills are going to provide hotdogs and hamburgers for everyone, and they have asked us to please bring chips, drinks, and desserts!
      • I hope you all can make it! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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  • Teen Devo:
    • When: October 21st (5:00-7:30pm)
    • For: Joelton Youth Ministry (current 7-12th graders + adult chaperones)
    • Details:
      • In October, the Sherbert’s are hosting the Teen Devo at their house!
      • Food: 
        • TBD
      •  Transportation: 
        • This Sunday is the one Sunday morning out of the year where we have our church service at Montgomery Bell State Park. I hope you will be able to come! Feel free to stay at the park as long as you want after lunch on Sunday, but please make plans to get your child/(ren) to the Sherbert’s house by 5:00pm (text me if you need their home address).
        • I will drive one of the church vans to the Sherbert’s house. If you would like to ride the van, please meet at our church parking lot at 4:25pm!
        • If you want to secure a seat for yourself on the van, please text me and let me know that, so we can make sure we have enough room!
        • If I don’t receive a text from you, I will assume you are not riding the van, and therefore we will not save a seat for you.
        • If you want to meet us there, you can also do that. Please text me if you need their address.
      • What is a teen devo? The 3rd Sunday night of each month we will have a devotional specifically for the youth ministry. Some months a family from our church will host the devo at their home, and the other months we will have an area-wide devo where we meet up with other local youth ministries. Sometimes we do both!
      • Why are we doing it? The reason we are doing these teen devos is to intentionally provide an additional lesson and atmosphere that is catered to the teens. We believe this will foster the growth of relationships between the teens, as well as with the families who host the devo.

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  • OWLS/Seniors Banquet:
    • When: Saturday, November 10th (6:00-8:00pm)
    • For: The Seniors of our congregation. The 7-12th graders will serve them.
    • Theme: “Jazz Age”
    • Details:
    •  What is the Seniors Banquet?
      • We will decorate/set up the auditorium, provide a meal for the Seniors, serve the meal to the Seniors, and provide entertainment for them.
  • Set-up: 
    • We will meet at the church Friday night, November 9th at 6:00 to set up tables, chairs, and decorations! Please come help if you can! The more people that help, the faster it will go.
  • Teens,
    • On Saturday, please be at church no later than 4:30pm! We need to make sure we are there plenty early before any of the Seniors start arriving. This will give us at least an hour to make sure we have everything set up and to make sure the food is ready to be served.
  • Parents, 
    • Please make sure your child/(ren) eat before they come, or they can bring a meal to eat at the church before the banquet!
    • The teens need to eat before the banquet starts so they can focus on serving the Seniors throughout the night.
  • Food: 
    • Instead of having several families sign up to each prepare one part of the meal, we think it makes more sense to have each family provide $15 and a dessert. If you are going to provide a dessert, please text me how many people your dessert will feed!
  • I think this is going to be another awesome opportunity to spend time together, as well as an opportunity to serve others. I hope you will choose to join us this year!
  • The Seniors banquet is an opportunity for us, (the youth ministry), to serve the Seniors.

Parents, please encourage your teen/(s) to come and help serve at the Seniors Banquet this year!

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  • Brazil:
    • When: Summer of 2019
    • For: Current 7-12th graders (+ adult chaperones)
    • Details:
  • As you have probably heard by now, we are going to take the teens on a mission trip to Brazil next summer (2019). The trip will likely cost between $2,000 and $2,500 per person, but I believe we can easily fundraise that money over the next 11 months. I believe we can raise a majority of the money by sending out letters to friends, family, teachers, coaches, etc.

Disclaimer: The main reason for taking this trip is to provide an opportunity for the teens to see the world from a different perspective, which will hopefully lead them to develop a passion for serving others.

  • For some of the teens, this may be their first time going outside of the USA, so this can be a very eye opening experience for them. I remember being in their shoes not too long ago, when I went on my first mission trip to Cozumel, Mexico in the 6th grade. It changed the way I saw the world, because it opened my eyes for the first time in my life to the way people lived outside of America. It was the first time I saw the challenges that people experience in other countries. Those eye-opening experiences eventually led to a passion developing in me to continue to go on mission trips, because I wanted to serve others and tell them about Jesus. My hope is that our teens will have a similar experience.

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  • Discipleship Material:
    • For: The Youth Ministry (7-12th graders)
    • When: From now on
    • Details:

On Sunday, January 14th we (the youth ministry) began going through a series of books that are designed specifically to help others become fully developed disciples.

These books are designed to create discussion about topics such as: small groups, faith, the church, the Bible, etc.

These books will help us go from knowing little or nothing about being a disciple to being a fully developed disciple, who can then go out and help make more disciples.

As you have probably heard me say by now or have read on this website, our mission for the Youth Ministry is to: Make disciples who can make disciples.

I believe these books will challenge and equip us to accomplish that mission.

Each teen will need to purchase their own book to write their answers in. ($3 per book).

Here’s why we want the teens to pay for their book:

By paying for their own book, they will be invested in this mission of becoming a fully developed disciple who can help make more disciples.

These books are a tangible way to help guide us to become fully devoted disciples of God.

We will spend several weeks going through each book. Once we have gone through all of the books, the mission is that each teen will use their book for the rest of their lives with their friends (or strangers) to help them become fully developed disciples of God.

If your teen/(s) are unable to afford the $3 per book, please let me know and the church will cover the cost, but if they can we would like for them to buy each book.

I believe this is going to be 100% worth the time, money, and commitment.

You can’t put a price tag on someone’s soul, and I think we will impact many more souls if we commit to this mission.

There is no telling what kind of impact this can have, but I believe God will bless many others and us through this.

I hope you will chose to join the mission as we begin making disciples who can make disciples!

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Forms for Youth Events (9/6/2016) - 2017- 2018 Release Form & Participant Covenant: JYMReleaseForm(1perFamily)PDF 2017-2018 Emergency Contact & Release Form: JYMEmergencyContactForm(1perPerson)PDF School Release Note for CYC 2018: JYM18SchoolReleaseNote  

2017- 2018 Release Form & Participant Covenant:
JYM Release Form (1 per Family) PDF

2017-2018 Emergency Contact & Release Form:
JYM Emergency Contact Form (1 per Person) PDF

Packing List:

Packing List for Junior & Senior Impact

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Youth Minister: 770-656-0819 (Jackson Shamblin)

Jackson’s email: jacksonforjesus@me.com

Instagram: joeltonyouthministry

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