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The Joelton Youth Ministry is for those in the 7-12th grades.

  • Our mission for the Joelton Youth Ministry (JYM) is: to make disciples who can make disciples.

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Upcoming Events:

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Regular Class/Event Times:

  • Sunday Morning class: 9-10am every week

  • Wednesday Night class: 7-8pm every week
  • Bordeaux: The 3rd Sunday morning of each month (from 8:00-10:45am) we will drive the teenagers to the Bordeaux Hospital, and we will assist the residents of the hospital during their church service. Then we will return to our church service at Joelton around 10:45am.

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  • Mystery Day:
    • For: 7-12th graders + chaperones (JYM)
    • When: March 21st
    • Cost: $25
  • This will be a day full of activities, where our youth ministry joins up with the youth ministry from Clarksville Highway Church of Christ.
  • We will leave church around 8:30am Saturday morning to travel to a nearby city. We will do several activities around the town during the day, and then we will come back to our church around 8:30 or 9:00pm that same night.
  • What is the mystery?
    • The idea is that the teens are not supposed know where we are going, so each part of the day will be a mystery to them until we arrive at the location. Parents, if you would like to know what we will be doing, I will gladly tell you the details, but please keep it a mystery to the teenagers! 🙂 This will allow the teens to embrace the fun of the mystery the whole day.
  • Cost:
    • The cost is $25. Each person needs to bring at least $25 cash with them on the trip to cover the cost of the activities during the day. They will also need to bring a packed lunch.
  • If you have any questions, please let me know! More details may be updated as the event gets closer.

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Printable Documents:

CYC 2020 Rooming Assignments:
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CYC 2020 School Release Form for Thursday AND Friday:
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CYC 2020 School Release Form for Friday ONLY:
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2020 Release Form & Participant Covenant: (1 per family)
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2020 Emergency Contact & Medical Release Form: (1 per person)
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Packing List for Spring Retreat 2020:
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Youth Minister: Jackson Shamblin

Jackson’s Phone: (770) 656-0819

Jackson’s email: jacksonforjesus@me.com

JYM Instagram: joeltonyouthministry

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