The Joelton Youth Ministry is for those in the 7-12th grades.

  • Our mission for the Joelton Youth Ministry (JYM) is: to make disciples who can make disciples.

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Regular Class/Event Times:

  • Sunday Morning class: 9:00am
  • Wednesday Night class: 7:00pm
  • Bordeaux: The 3rd Sunday morning of each month at 8:00am
  • Teen/Area-wide Devos: The 3rd Sunday night of each month from 5:00-7:30pm
  • Young men & Young women’s training classes: The last Wednesday night of each month from 7:00-8:00pm.

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Upcoming events:

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  • CYC:
    • For: 7-12th graders
    • When: February 22-25th
    • Details:
    • What is CYC?
      • CYC stand for Challenge Youth Conference.
      • However, half of the group will travel to Pigeon Forge on Thursday, Feb. 22nd, because we received a free night in the condominiums when we purchased the other two nights!
      • The group leaving on Thursday is leaving at 4:30pm! (text me if you are unsure which group you are in).
      • The other half of the group will travel early Friday afternoon with Steven, Mr. Russ, and John Davies.
      • The group leaving on Friday is leaving at 12:00pm! (text me if you are unsure which group you are in).
      • Additional money will be needed to provide for the other 5-6 meals and spending money for games/activities throughout the weekend (typically $50-80 per person).
    • We will cook a meal for the group on Friday night and Saturday night. We will also provide a meal for breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings.
    •  The rest of the meals we will eat out, so please make sure your child/(ren) have enough money for those meals!
      • Teens:
        • You may bring personal electronics with you for the van ride to and from Pigeon Forge, but during the weekend there will be limited times to use them in the condos.
    •  If you have any questions about CYC, please text/call me, and I will be happy to help in any way I can.
      • You may also want to ask Mrs. Rosa Davies or Mr. Russ Gentry about CYC, since they have each been several times.

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  • Discipleship Material:
    • For: The Youth Ministry (7-12th graders)
    • When: From now on
    • Details:
    • On Sunday, January 14th we (the youth ministry) began going through a series of books that are designed specifically to help others become fully developed disciples.
      • These books are designed to create discussion about topics such as: small groups, faith, the church, the Bible, etc.
      • These books will help us go from knowing little or nothing about being a disciple to being a fully developed disciple, who can go out and help make more disciples.
      • As you have probably heard me say by now or have read on this website, our mission for the Youth Ministry is to: Make disciples who can make disciples.
      • I believe these books will challenge and equip us to accomplish that mission.
    • Each teen will need to purchase their own book to write their answers in. ($3 per book).
    • Here’s why we want the teens to pay for their book:
      • By paying for their own book, they will be invested in this mission of becoming a fully developed disciple who can help make more disciples.
      • These books are a tangible way to help guide us to become fully devoted disciples of God.
      • We will spend several weeks going through each book. Once we have gone through all of the books, the mission is that each teen will use their book for the rest of their lives with their friends (or strangers) to help them become fully developed disciples of God.
      • If your teen/(s) are unable to afford the $3 per book, please let me know and the church will cover the cost, but if they can we would like for them to buy each book.
    • I believe this is going to be 100% worth the time, money, and commitment.
      • You can’t put a price tag on someone’s soul, and I think we will impact many more souls if we commit to this mission.
      • There is no telling what kind of impact this can have, but I believe God will bless many others and us through this.

 I hope you will chose to join the mission as we begin making disciples who can make disciples!

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2017- 2018 Release Form & Participant Covenant:

2017-2018 Emergency Contact & Release Form:

School Release Note for CYC 2018:

Youth Minister: 770-656-0819 (Jackson Shamblin)

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Instagram: joeltonyouthministry