Possible God

If nothing changes, invent. When it does change, try to understand. If life gets difficult, face it, And when things get easy, give thanks. If sorrow surrounds you, rejoice When you become happy, share it with others, And when the sorrow begins again, believe in God’s promises. Believe that you can do all things. AllContinue reading “Possible God”

Bible Bowl 2017

Every year our church participates in Bible Bowl. This is a Bible knowledge competition for children and youth. Questions are multiple choice from a predetermined set of books from the Bible. This year was on Mark, Philippians, and Colossians. There were over 300 teams of four students from over 70 congregations representing six states. TheContinue reading “Bible Bowl 2017”

Why Are You Here?

LAST WEEK’S SERMON AND LIFE GROUP PROVOKED SOME GOOD QUESTIONS: “WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE?” OR “WHY ARE YOU HERE?” On one hand, individually, the answer may vary from person to person according to their profession, family situation, age, sex, etc. On the other hand, there is one single answer for all of us.Continue reading “Why Are You Here?”